Fleet Response is Your Specialized Niche Auto TPA

Are your clients in search of a TPA with a higher level of customization and flexibility? Fleet Response could be that answer. We are a specialized auto TPA performing claims management services for fleet, risk, and safety teams. As an organization, we excel by focusing on handling specialty niche areas of the TPA claims industry. The complexity of the claims makes us “Best in Practice” with more than 30 years of auto related experience.

We know there is a way that our professional industry specialists can successfully be an extension of your team. Our goal is to work with clients to customize a program that creates a mutually beneficial long-lasting partnership, as well as offer cost-containment solutions.

Fleet Response services include first party auto, third party property, and general liability claim management, along with related subrogation services. Our goal is to manage all aspects of the claims process with a focus on controlling costs and vehicle downtime.

We deliver verifiable savings through skillful management of claims and repairs, reduce risk of exposure through driver safety programs, and improve recovery of accident expenses through aggressive subrogation in cases of third-party liability.

Our response to a third-party liability claim takes the extra steps to make sure each claim is handled appropriately. This includes claims triage, investigating coverage, liability handling, and repair management (including replacement rentals).

We will make sure that depreciation is applied to vehicle repair costs when appropriate. In the event of a total loss, we will thoroughly evaluate the vehicle and its specifications to determine the reasonable market value. In addition, we partner with salvage buyers from our nationwide network in order to ensure we see the best return on total losses.

Fleet Response specializes in the fast-moving claims management of vehicle accidents involving property damage as well as general liability. We measure the lifecycle of a claim in weeks – not months or years – for lower administrative expenses.

For general liability claims, we manage the claim with a similar approach including claims triage, investigating coverage, reserve practices, file documentation and record retention to ensure exceptional customer service for a sensitive situation.

Handling third party general liability claims is specialized work and requires a unique skill set and approach. We are a specialty claims administrator and we excel in reducing downtime and minimizing expense, as well as managing general liability claims.

Fleet Response is built on an insurance background and is uniquely qualified to manage the entire lifecycle of a claim – from the initial notice of loss to completion of repairs. Our experts on average have more than 10 years of claim management experience, spanning most lines of auto related incidents.

To discuss how Fleet Response can be an extension of your team, contact Jeff Fender, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fleet Response, contact@fleetresponse.com.