Being Proactive with Covid-19 and Vehicle Storage

With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, you may be thinking to put some of your vehicles out of service temporarily. Maintaining the condition of your vehicle if you’re not using it for an extended period is essential to ensure it is in working condition once you move it back in service. If one or more of your vehicles is placed out of service temporarily, follow these tips to take proper care to ensure they are secure.

Here are some tips to properly securing vehicles at your location:
• Be sure that vehicles are locked with keys stored elsewhere
• Remove all valuables from the vehicle or keep out of sight
• Park vehicles in a well-lit area or out of view of passersby
• If possible, park the vehicle in a fenced, locked, or monitored location

Worried that there is not enough storage for all your vehicles at your location? We want to remind you with that we offer vehicle storage within our network shops to meet your vehicle storage needs. Our facilities offer fully insured and highly secure storage locations across North America including Canada and Puerto Rico. From the moment your vehicle enters our facility to the day you roll it back into service, our team ensures your vehicle is accessible and in top running condition.

Contact Fleet Response for assistance with finding secure storage facilities.