Connecting Your Teams with Customers

Illustration depicting each team connecting with one another.

In the day-to-day monotony of any job, it’s easy to get bogged down by the endless workload and forget the real impact that your work may have on another person. At Fleet Response, we strive to help our employees feel the direct positive impact that their efforts have on drivers, fleet managers and the companies that we support.

We build personal connections by making sure that team members have access to the written feedback on the emailed comment cards. After each claim, we send an email to the drivers and managers that work with Fleet Response team members. In many instances, the responses call-out the Call Center and Claims Team members by name and thank them for their work. Our managers make it a priority to share this feedback regularly with team members. We also post them on our lobby television for everyone to see and recognize.

Fleet Response makes personal connections a priority by making time in the schedule at our annual client appreciation event for team members to have lunch with our clients. In a world filled with email communication, it’s helpful to put a face with a name and build real human connection with the people that you’re working with every day. This strengthens the partnership as they work together to resolve issues, problems and future bumps in the road.

Lastly, Fleet Response Client Services and Sales management works hard to provide feedback gathered during business reviews, sales meeting and other offsite meetings. It’s important to let the frontline teams hear when we receive a great compliment from an executive level manager at the organizations that we serve. This again is a way for team members to know that their work directly impacts the commitment between our organizations.

As we celebrate Customer Service Week 2018, we take this opportunity to thank all of Fleet Response’s employees for the great Customer Service that they provide every day. Customer Service means creating a personal connection in the workplace and we’re proud of our best-in-class team!