With a service fleet, our key business objective was to develop a unique claim process to handle repairs less than the deductible and keep an accurate record to assist them in making future insurance decisions.

Our approach: The goal of this project was to handle the client’s accident management implementation just like any other roll-out by reviewing the specific client needs and developing unique processes and solutions. Our project approach was to involve the dedicated Claims Representative who would be handling the account each day and adjust system fields and notifications to work differently for the unique process. Additional time and money was not spent as it is part of our normal approach to develop custom processes and solutions.

Overcoming obstacles: The major challenge we encountered was the lack of communication with the insurance company. We overcame this by having regular conference calls and educating them on our role and how we worked with the company to assist in the repair process.

Lessons learned: Through this project, we learned the importance of open communication, with both the client and their insurance company, to ensure all things are working properly.

Final Outcome: This project enabled us to capture key data that the client could utilize to make decisions regarding their insurance coverage and options. Today, the client is self-insured and partners with us for accident management, rentals, subrogation and safety services.