We worked with a sales fleet to develop a process that would allow their drivers throughout the United States and Canada to verify their license information and provide authorizations to run an annual motor vehicle record check.

Our approach: First we worked to fully understand the best ways to communicate with the client’s drivers and develop a user-friendly process that would not take the driver much time. After nearly three months developing the user interface, we were able to offer this solution in time for the client’s annual MVR run. We utilized conference calls and application development time building the solution and testing data.

Keeping the client involved in the process: We kept the client aware of the progress by giving them an opportunity to see the interface in beta testing. This allowed us to get the client’s feedback and be sure the solution met all of their needs. Since our Application Development team is in-house, the need for outside vendors/consultants was limited.

Overcoming obstacles: The greatest problem we overcame was developing a plan to effectively and seamlessly communicate the new process to all drivers without causing disruption to their daily tasks and duties.

Lessons learned: The primary lesson we learned was that even with this tool, the process needs to be customized and reviewed for each client. Some fleets may want all paperwork to go through their fleet department. Others may choose to have us manage the forms until the entire process is complete. This tool is very flexible and provides many opportunities to meet each fleet’s specific process and purpose.

Final outcome: We continue to have a strong relationship with the client. They have provided us with an opportunity to develop new tools in response to their expanding safety and accident services. We were also able to develop a unique online tool to assist in managing their driver data upload into the safety program, independent of the information used for accident management. Currently, the client partners with us for accident management, rental, subrogation and safety services.