Web-Based Vehicle Inventory Tracker to Order Auto-ID Cards

We developed a web-based vehicle inventory tracker to assist a client in ordering auto-ID cards. This creative option offered them the opportunity to make the process more efficient. The company consists of many entities and therefore tracking the vehicles was difficult. The online system offered a convenient way for managers across the United States to enter their information and receive their auto-ID cards. With the use of this system, the company then had an accurate inventory of vehicles to use for accident management and insurance purposes.

Online Rentals

Another example of a process improvement is the development of client-specific websites which allow drivers to go online and order rental vehicles. This allows managers to schedule rentals more efficiently rather than placing a phone call or faxing a form. The electronic form is available online and notifies us immediately of a required rental.

Repair and Salvage Approval

Currently, clients have the ability to log in to our online system to approve repairs and salvages before they are completed. This allows for ease of communication and tracking of the process. Each morning managers can review a full listing of claims in process and click approvals or send a note all in one screen.

Custom Web Development

We have also worked with a client to build a website to track pest and rodent claims. This website allows for accurate tracking of multiple individual contractors performing the work. Furthermore, we incorporated a P-card payment process ensuring timely and accurate vendor invoicing.