Colleen Twarogowski Selected as Employee of the Month for July 2021

Fleet Response is proud to announce Colleen Twarogowski as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for July.

Colleen began has been with Fleet Response since October of 2019, starting as a Call Center Rep.  Since then, Colleen has been promoted to a Call Center Lead.

“Colleen is a very strong rep within the call center department. She manages her workload and has stepped up to assist the 3rd party team with their workload as well,” said a coworker. “She helps in all aspects of our department and is very easy to work with. She is always willing to go above and beyond, and it’s always appreciated.”

“I remember during my first week of training, my trainer was telling me how great Fleet Response was and I remember thinking, Yeah, okay. Every company says that. Here I am two years later, my trainer proved my completely wrong,” Colleen said when asked when she knew she made the right decision to work here. “From Scott [CEO] to every department, everyone is encouraging, helpful, and cheers each other on even if they don’t know you. They reach out to congratulate on promotions, success, accomplishments, and little did I know I really gained a second family here. I am very grateful for all the different and amazing people I have met here.

When asked what her best day at Fleet Response was, Colleen said, “I got promoted to a lead in my department on Monday and got employee of the month on Thursday.” Colleen said she is most proud to work at Fleet Response because of all the relationships she has built with her coworkers.

When asked how she starts the day, Colleen replied, “I check on my team, make sure they are all good. I do always post a motivational or funny chat to get people in a better mood, you have to stay positive even on the hard days or else it gets boring.”

Something Fleet Response co-workers may not know about Colleen is that she has a very large heart and sees the good in just about everyone. She also helps foster dogs who were in puppy mills find great forever homes, one of my favorite things to do!

When Colleen is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and her cat named Chicken.

Congratulations Colleen and thank you for all you do!