Fleet Response offers a comprehensive safety program with customized safety solutions that supports your corporate fleet policy. Our dedicated safety team will provide recommendations to minimize the cost of physical damage, repairs, liability and negligent entrustment.

  • Ordering of electronic MVRs
  • Driver risk profiling
  • Online safety training
  • Integration of accident data when combined with our accident program
  • Fleet policy recommendations and consultation
  • A standardized infraction point system, based on your fleet policy
  • Online password-protected access to FleetSuite, for your Management team
  • Easily identify and manage exception drivers, to minimize risk and liability
  • A dedicated safety support team to work directly with your drivers and administrators
  • Comprehensive safety analysis, available via ad-hoc reports in FleetSuite or customized for your management team
  • Customized reporting
  • ACH billing format


Driver History Profile (DHP) is a secure, web-based system that provides a complete view of all drivers and secondary drivers. DHP includes electronic motor vehicle records (MVRs), driver risk scoring, profiling, integration of claims and other violations, and online driver safety training. DHP provides administrators access to comprehensive reports to easily review and track results.

  • Customizable consistent point system based on your company policy that classifies drivers into standard risk levels, including clear, low, medium and high
  • Automated assessment of points based on a variety of variables, including MVR results, accident data, telematics data and manual adjustments 
  • Electronic notification of risk change to your management
  • Drivers may view risk status through our password protected driver site
  • Access to more than 70 online training lessons in multiple languages
  • Lessons geared toward different vehicle types, including passenger vehicles, service vans and commercial trucks
  • Training auto-assigned in a variety of ways, including targeted training to medium- and high-risk drivers, targeted training to any driver upon a preventable incident, fleet or policy testing, and general safety training based on overall fleet accident and/or violation trends
  • Dedicated safety account representative to provide driver and administrative support
  • Provides specific instruction, suggestions and directions
  • New set of skills will greatly improve drivers ability to be safer in the company vehicle


FleetSuite is an exclusive, proprietary, custom built online tool offering access to real-time safety data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was created and is maintained by our in-house team of application developers, which allows customer specific customizations as requested.

FleetSuite Features include:

  • Password protected access to an unlimited number of users designated by your company including restricted access by corporate structure or system rights
  • Access to all pertinent safety information including: lesson assignments, due dates, completion dates, # of attempts, final lesson scores, driver risk levels, drivers with violations, MVR status, drivers with MVR incidents, license verification status, and licenses due to expire
  • Access to multiple standard ad-hoc reports
  • Customizable StatCenter to view charts and graphs
  • Ability to communicate with dedicated Fleet Response safety representative
  • System training offered anytime