Fleet Response is an ideal means of recovering your hard-to-handle third-party claims. Our trained Subrogation Specialists have extensive knowledge of state laws and regulations, and immediately take action to collect all monies entitle, through the claim, including damage recovery, loss of use and diminished-value dollars.

A Fleet Response Subrogation Specialist reviews every claim to determine the at-fault party, preventability and to assign an incident reason code. If subrogation potential exists, they will begin to contact the responsible parties to start the restitution process.

Our Subrogation Program includes:

  • Review of every claim by a Subrogation Specialist to determine fault and responsibility
  • Extensive research and review of state laws and regulations
  • Immediate contact with responsible parties to demand restitution
  • Retrieval of a police report and other information to support recovery efforts
  • Electronic tracking to ensure accuracy, accountability, and prompt recovery
  • Provision of regular management updates to validate effort and integrity
  • Custom reporting


FleetSuite is an exclusive, proprietary, custom built online tool offering access to real-time subrogation data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was created and is maintained by our in-house team of application developers, which allows customer specific customizations as requested.

FleetSuite Features include:

  • Password protected access to an unlimited number of users designated by your company including restricted access by corporate structure or system rights
  • Access to all pertinent subrogation information including claim status, amounts requested/received, payment received dates, and at-fault party information
  • Access to multiple standard ad-hoc reports
  • Customizable StatCenter to view charts and graphs
  • Ability to communicate with Fleet Response representatives
  • System training offered anytime